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Albion Online Reveals Fey Armor, Which Gives You Special Abilities, and Pristine Resources to Fight Over

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 Beyond the Veil is coming on November 21st, and Albion Online’s latest devtalk goes into some new features to expect – Fey Armor, which comes from the Mists, and the new resource level, Pristine Enchantment.

Fey Armor Is a new armor type that you can craft from drops you get fighting the beasts found within The Mists. These unique creatures will drop rare artifacts sometimes. Only find these particular artifact as drops within the Mists. 

When you defeat them you can collect these artifacts and use them to craft new armor. Slay Fey Dragons and use their scales to craft yourself come cloth armor. Get some Griffin feathers? You can make yourself some leather armor (no, we’re not sure what feather leather is, but go with it here). If you kill the Veilweaver, you can craft plate armor using its carapace.  

Fey Armor pieces each come with a particular ability. If you make the plate armor helmet Duskweaver, you get the Spider Thread ability. You get to play your best medieval Peter Parker because you can shoot threads at your enemies, slowing them down if you hit them, and you can also cast the spider thread to pull you in closer to enemies.

The leather jacket Mistwalker gets Mist Cloud, which makes you immune to damage and healing, except when you are attacking or using  an ability. Your allies within the cloud you generate are invisible as well. They can take damage, however. The devs emphasize that this could mean Albion Online’s community needs to prepare for more hit and run style attacks. Just some examples.

The other change is that resources can exist at a new level, Pristine Enchantment.  These are extremely rare and only in the Outlands. given their rarity and potential, they’re designed to be fought over. They'll appear on the mini map, zone map, and on the world map when you are close enough to the spot where they spawn.

For full details, watch the complete devtalk video or head to Albion Online.


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