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Albion Online Reminds Us of Multi Account Rules

What you can and can't do

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Albion Online team provided us a reminder on the rules for multiple user accounts. Here’s the deal.

Multiple accounts are actually allowed within the rules, however, using multiple user accounts outside these rules is called “multi-accounting” by the team. And that is not allowed. The accompanying forum post provided a reminder into what is not allowed, including:

  • Scouting the entrances of dungeons or clusters for the main account (Also referred to as ‘Alt-Scouting’)
  • Engaging in PvP with both accounts in the open world
  • Using an account as ‘bait’

As to what is allowed, you can use both characters on your player island to harvest the farm. You can also have both characters gathering multiple cluster, but only if they are not neighboring clusters. Finally, you can have each character in a different city if you want to take a look at various market prices.

If you are found in violation, you’ll be punished though what that punishment is wasn’t outlined in the post. You can check out the PSA here.


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