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Albion Online Reduces Portal Binding Reset Cooldown, More Tweaks in Queen Patch 2

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Portal binding reset cooldowns and more have been tweaked in the latest Queen Patch 2 for Albion Online.

The portal binding reset cooldown has been reduced from 30 days to seven days, which seems quite the shift. Additional items of note in this patch include fixes to yellow zone dungeons, in which the following dungeons now finally follow yellow zone rules (and not red zone):

  • Lewsdon Hill
  • Snapshaft Trough
  • Sleetwater Basin

More timeslots for the Crystal League were added. One other change is that level 1-3 matches now occur at six times per day:

  • 2:00 UTC
  • 2:30 UTC (new)
  • 13:00 UTC
  • 13:30 UTC (new)
  • 20:00 UTC
  • 20:30 UTC (new)

A host of fixes were outlined as well:

  • Spell fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where spell hit indications were not shown correctly for some instant-cast spells (e.g. Frost Bomb)
    • "Hostile" actions with friendly players no longer count as combat actions - this fixes a bug where getting killed shortly after a "friendly" smoke bomb resulted in a 3-minute knockdown countdown
    • Fixed an issue where the spell "Opening to Hell" (Demon Cape) did not affect mounted players
    • Fixed an issue where the second hit of "Devastating Strike" (Black Hands) didn't trigger if the stun was cleansed
    • Fixed a bug that prevented "Defensive Slam" (Maces) from affecting mounted players
    • Fixed an issue where "Scent of the Wilderness" (Skinner Workboots) remained active when mounted
  • Fixed an issue where Level 2 and 3 Hideouts did not show damaged state until two or more shields were lost
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in lower tier common fish in some T7 ocean fishing areas
  • Crafting Avalonian items now fills the related laborer journal as intended
  • Avalonian Energy is no longer returned by crafting focus, as intended
  • Lowered Avalonian Energy requirement of non-enchanted T7 Avalonian Omelettes by 25 to their intended value
  • Gathering enchanted stone now fills Stone Trophy journals as intended
  • Large rhinos in Hide Dens were replaced with Desert Wolves as intended
  • Numerous additional animation, terrain, graphical, audio, and localization fixes

Check out the patch notes for a full list of what’s included in the patch.


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