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Albion Online Queen Update Details In Developer Video, Discusses New Map and More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Albion Online issued a new Queen video today detailing several new updates including a new map.

The video discusses a new outlands map, hideouts, a new territory control system, expanded crystal 5v5 battles, and zerg debuffs and smart cluster queues.

In case you missed our impressions of Albion Online, we had this to say,

“Sandbox’s MMO is not like the super-free and robust Legends of Aria - meaning it’s not really an Ultima Online successor. Instead Albion is like the sandbox MMO for people who don’t have time for a real living world and the demands on one’s schedule that makes. Is it deep enough to hold my interest for the long term? Hell, I don’t know. I just started yesterday. But since it’s F2P, I now know I can always come back and will likely find a world filled with players to keep the game feeling lively.

If you’ve been on the fence during its buy to play period, now’s the time to try Albion. You just might find something you really like. And frankly, since it’s also on mobile, it’s good for playing on the road too.”

Check out the update video below.


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