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Albion Online Patch Sees Changes To Silver Costs, Tweaks To Items And More

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Albion Online is seeing some changes to its economy, as well as changes to the cost structure of transmutation in its latest patch. 

Dubbed Percival Patch 7, the new patch to Albion Online brings with it changes to the Silver costs within the game. The idea behind currency sinks in any game is to control the amount of money in the economy to keep in game costs from becoming over-inflated. This is exactly why Albion is making this change, according to the patch details.

With today's patch, we've increased the Silver costs assessed by the system for various activities. These system-based costs serve as Silver sinks, which keep the overall quantity of Silver in the world of Albion consistent, and prevent runaway inflation of the Silver-to-Gold ratio. With the introduction of Randomized Dungeons in the Oberon update, the amount of Silver in the game increased tremendously, leading to inflated Gold costs for those looking to trade in their Silver. These updated costs mean the amount of Silver leaving the economy is once again in line with the amount entering it.

Additionally, the team has rebalanced the the cost of transmutation, lowering the cost for transmutation and speeding it up for those who partake in the system. Additionally, Albion's builders have reason to be happy. In addition to the increased speed of transmutation, construction, upgrading and repairing buildings are no twice as fast. 

You can check out all the changes to the patch brings to Albion Online on the website. Additionally, you can read the full detailed patch notes in its separate thread.


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