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Albion Online Patch Call to Arms Patch 5/6 Brings Hellgates Updates, Combat Rebalance, More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Albion Online’s Call to Arms update released back in March and brought about several new features. This latest patch, patch 5/6, continues to improve the content by brining combat rebalancing, updates to Hellgates, and more.

When Call to Arms launched in March, it included an update to the Unity Engine in addition to new features like Faction Warfare, a new playable faction, Elite Faction Mounts, the Hellgate rework, bug fixes, and more.

In fact, a recent patch just earlier this month brought about more improvements to Hellgates. This latest patch 5/6 aims to build upon the work so far. And, yes, that includes Hellgates. Changes to Hellgates this time around include:

  • Hellgate minibosses now appear on the map so they can easily be identified and killed
  • Changed Hellgate boss icon to better distinguish it from minibosses
  • Increased radius at which Hellgate PvP chests despawn if player corpses are under or near it (chest must still be fully looted before despawn)

Patch 5/6 also brings an improved and expanded tutorial to Albion Online, changes to the mobile versions, changes to Crystal League registration, and a not-insignificant combat rebalance. This rebalance touches on axes, bows, cursed staves, hammers, quarterstaves, and armors.

For example, here are the changes to armors:

  • Scholar Robe, Royal Robe, Druid Robe: 80% → 150%
  • Cleric Robe, Fiend Robe: 70% → 150%
  • Mage Robe, Cultist Robe, Robe of Purity: 60% → 150%
  • Mercenary Jacket, Royal Jacket, Stalker Jacket: 150% → 150%
  • Hunter Jacket, Hellion Jacket: 140% → 150%
  • Assassin Jacket, Specter Jacket, Jacket of Tenacity: 130% → 150%
  • Soldier Armor, Royal Armor, Graveguard Armor : 200% → 150%
  • Knight Armor, Demon Armor: 210% → 150%
  • Guardian Armor, Judicator Armor, Armor of Valor: 220% → 150%

In addition to this rebalance, Patch 5/6 contains a ton of fixes. You can read the full patch notes here.


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