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Albion Online Patch Brings Extensive Combat Changes, Static Mob Rebalancing, and Quality of Life Additions

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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In the fourth major patch since Lands Awakened was released in late November, Albion Online gets a handful of practical quality of life improvements, rebalances dungeon mobs, makes some combat changes, and more.

Some of the more practical changes include a message that tells you when the effects of food will expire so that you can re-up them if you need to. If you change zones, your party markers will persist now. There are also new inventory buttons for Loadout and Wardrobe, replacing the Stack and Sort buttons. This should make it clearer and easier to get geared.

When it comes to dungeon mobs, some of the static mobs have seen their abilities and balance tweaked to give players more chances to execute counterplays. The Gifted Sorceress,  Morgana had her Enfeeble Blades damage reduced by 33%, as one example, but there have been changes to cast times, cooldowns, and area of effect for Morgana, Keeper, and Undead Factions. But it's not all power changes, as some of the static dungeon mobs got new visual upgrades too. 

This patch  serves as the largest combat balance change since all of the changes that Lands Awakened brought to the game. The various classes got updates, and War Gloves continue seeing balance tweaks and changes, and this update improved its E-abilities. But the overall biggest change in combat this patch might be that several combat systems like Resilience, Crowd Control, AoE Escalation, and Diminishing Returns have all been adjusted in favor of smaller groups.

These adjustments allow for players to have more flexibility and not necessarily need to group up in numbers to be successful. Because of these adjustments, some weapons and armor  have also seen their stats change to compensate for those combat system changes. Ultimately, in making the game more open and explorable, Sandbox interactive is now also adding some of that flexibility to groups and reflecting how players play.

For the full list of changes, see the release notes over at Albion Online. 


Christina Gonzalez

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