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Albion Online Patch Addresses Corrupted Dungeons

Plus some more general fixes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A recent patch for Albion Online’s current update, Rise of Avalon, brings about a few changes to Corrupted Dungeons.

For instance, a Corrupted Dungeon chest has a higher chance now of being a loot chest instead of a book chest. Additionally, a few issues were resolved, such as one which caused hidden treasure to spawn at Tier 6. Another resolved issue involves hidden treasure with loot to spawn less frequently than hidden treasures with Tomes of Insight.

The patch also brings about several combat balance changes to daggers and helmets. Some more general fixes are included in the patch as well,

  • Soul Link now stays on the target selected with the first cast as intended
  • Fixed an issue where the killing blow of Vampiric Strike would not grant health
  • Targets can now be hit by multiple Haunting Scream areas at once, as intended
  • Vengeful Sprint can now be canceled by Cripple as intended
  • Fixed season info on season winner statue in Lymhurst Conquerors' Hall


Poorna Shankar