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Albion Online Patch 7 Updates Alliance Limits and More

Black market loot, and anti ganking measures

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest patch, dubbed Patch 7, for Albion Online touches on alliance limits, black market loot, and more.

First up, an update on alliance limitations. The team notes the considerable effort they’ve invested in trying to counter the mega-alliances in Albion. They cite patch 5 which introduced a siphoned energy drain. This patch, patch 7, will see all players in such large guilds to receive reduced silver and fame income. You can check here for more info on this and the current alliance limit test.

Better dungeon loot was also outlined based on community feedback. The team has increased the appearance of higher tiered loot specifically in high level dungeons. The purpose of this is make the challenge worth your time and effort.

Anti ganking measures have been taken as well in portal zones, again based on community feedback. This is what’s been added,

  • Invisibility Shrines have been added to the immediate area around each Outlands portal
  • These shrines have also been placed by each exit from the portal zone
  • Each portal zone has a total of four exits to avoid bottlenecks


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