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Albion Online Patch 13 Brings Long-Requested 'Use All' Button

February 2

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Rejoice, Albion Online gamers, for the Use All button will finally be added in the upcoming Patch 13.

The arrival of this button has been long-requested and is arriving in Patch 13 on February 2. So momentous is the arrival of this button that the team created a 21 second-long trailer (yes) for it. You can view it below:

Do note that this patch is currently live in the Staging server. You can test it if your account was active on the Live server prior to the last database update. The patch notes are pretty extensive. The notes touch on several Avalonian changes, fixes, and more.

The Use All button-specific changes include the following:

Consumable items that commonly collect in large stacks can now be used in a single click via the new Use All Button in the item UI.

    • Stacks of Silver Bags will be consumed instantly and grant you the full amount of Silver
    • Tomes of Insight and chests use a channeled spell, meaning the items are still consumed individually and the channel can be canceled at any point.
    • The following items now have a "Use All" option:
      • All Silver Bags
      • All Tomes of Insight
      • All Reward Chests (will display an additional window showing accumulated loot): Adventurer's Challenge Chests, Crystal League Chests, etc.


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