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Albion Online Mobile Launch Drives Player Counts Sky-High

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The recent mobile launch of Albion Online have done much to drive the player count sky high. Just how many players are playing the RPG now? Well, a lot.

You may recall the mobile version of Albion Online launched June 9 on iOS and Android. The launch brought about cross-platform rewards and more, allowing you to play the RPG on your mobile device of choice.

Additionally, we had previously reported the daily average player count for Albion Online back in March. We noted the RPG had seen over 140,000 daily average users, a marked increase throughout 2020. The team pointed to the Rise of Avalon update, Call to Arms update, and several more features as reason for this uptick.

In their latest report, mobile numbers saw the daily active accounts jump to a peak of 271,000 just after launch. That number continues to remain well above 200,000 through today. No matter how you cut it, or what your thoughts are of mobile gaming, its difficult to deny these numbers.

The development team also looked ahead to what’s next and offered the following insight,

“As mentioned in our last update, we're already hard at work on our next major content update later this year, which will focus on improving and deepening Albion's open world. You can look forward to a Roadmap Update from our Game Director soon, which will cover our plans for the coming months and give a preview of some of the specific features currently in the works.”

You can read the full update on these mobile player numbers here.


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