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Albion Online Makes Mists Players Anonymous and Boosts Mobs and Rewards

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You can now be anonymous in the Mists in Albion Online with the newest patch. The update also tweaks Mists rewards, and makes some adjustments to mobs. There are a series of class balance changes, improvements, and fixes as well.

The Mists represented a big update to the available content in Albion Online, with Beyond the Veil. Now players within The Mists are anonymous to each other unless they're in a party. If you come across another person, they will be labeled as "mysterious stranger". 

This anonymity also extends to local chat channels, like say and emote. Along with your identity being concealed, certain UI options will be disabled in the anonymous areas, things like trade, duel, to whisper, or to invite someone to a guild. In the Greater Mists, you can invite a player into your group and your identity will be revealed to them if they join and your identity will also be disclosed if you die. Overall, this change keeps things focused on the Mists experience, and should also help prevent any conflict from following elsewhere, or anyone being specifically targeted.

Other changes in the patch include rewards tweaks, with Enchanted Mists getting an increased chance of leading to a higher-tier zone. With these changes, higher-tier mythical creatures will also be more likely to spawn in higher-tier regions, and the update upgrades the distribution of enemies in The Mists, with the intended increase in loot, Fame, and silver to follow.

Mob changes mean more spawns within the Roads of Avalon. The chests spawning in the Roads also get boosted, with a third of them going from Group to Raid level, which means those associated mobs will go from Veteran to Elite. Some of the mobs also had their abilities and defenses tweaked as part of this overall process.

Travel gets a few adjustments, including Journey Back extended to islands. When you travel to any island, Journey Back will set its destination, if you use it, to the city that the island belongs to. 

For more on the full tweaks to the Mists and the rest, head to Albion Online.


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