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Albion Online Launches on iOS and Android This Summer

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you’ve been waiting and wondering about the formal mobile launch of Albion Online, wonder no longer. Albion Online is set to officially launch on iOS and Android this summer. Pre-registration is open now.

The last year has seen continual work and updates to Albion Online, most recently the Call to Arms update which brought several new features to the game like the Hellgates Rework. This mobile version of Albion Online is set to include mobile-specific features like fully customizable controls and HUD.

Additionally, there will be two different control schemes from which you can select. Obviously, the mobile version will also be optimized for a mobile experience and will include various settings to tweak that experience.

Cross-platform play will also bring a reward in the Chimera Mount Skin. Anyone who logs into both the desktop and mobile version after the launch of the mobile version will receive this skin. This will basically turn any tier Riding Horse into the Chimera.

Of course, pre-registration is open for the mobile launch. You can do so here. If you’re in Germany, you can test the mobile version right now. There is no official date yet provided for the mobile release. We just have a “summer” window. In truth, this could be as early as June, or as late as September. We suspect it’ll be somewhere in between.

You can learn more about the mobile launch here. In related news, Albion Online has seen a dramatic growth in daily average players as per a report from the end of March.


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