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Albion Online Lands Awakened Update Will Change the World

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Albion Online continues making improvements to balance, maps, and the world ahead of the new season that itself will bring changes to sieges and territory. The latest dev update takes a look at the team's vision for the major Lands Awakened update planned for November, with a ton of visual polish and work to bring the open world back.

The devblog video shows off these new visual improvements and walks us through the plans and goals, but it's clear that some of the team's goals go beyond just readying the community for the next mechanical or balance update to let everyone prepare for sieges and competition. There's a significant emphasis this time around on visual improvements, updating the biomes and increasing the diversity of the world's environments and possibilities in the open world.

Bringing back the open world game play and offering more options for PVE gameplay as well, and ways to encourage players to get out into the world and explore, also adding PVP options in the open world instead of keeping things more static. In essence, this is a major update because all of the environments will get changes and improvements, new layouts that make navigating the world more intuitive and increasing the open world layouts in order to additionally let players adapt the map layouts for their own play styles. And because PVP and competition is still an important part of the game, some new terrain designs are being implemented and these will reflect strategic took points and access points that are tailored to each of the five biomes.

They are calling the update Lands Awakened for a reason, and once the update is live, it should make Albion Online a prettier, more balanced game with more options to get involved and explore the world, as well as play within it. For the detailed rundown, check the video devblog above or the summary at the Albion Online site.


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