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Albion Online Lands Awakened Out Tomorrow, Devs Warn to Remove All Open World Items

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 When tomorrow’s Albion Online update, Lands Awakened , goes live, many of the game’s open-world zones will change drastically, so there's a warning to store any items you have in the world before the maintenance begins, and to expect some differences when you log in afterwards.

The update will be out tomorrow, with maintenance starting at 5am Eastern/10 a.m. UTC. Because most of Albion Online's zones will have different terrain, layouts, music, and the overall visuals of the game updated, it might be a little disorienting. The developers also strongly suggest that you remove all furniture, including any crates, that you have left in the open world because when the update goes live if you still have anything outside in the world, it will be destroyed. Of course, if you don’t want some of it anymore, hey, a free trash pickup.

Lands Awakened will be changing other things including the approximate location of Hideouts. Your Hideout should still be in approximately the same area, but when you log in again, you may find it in a bit of a different place, and with changed surroundings. If you don’t like the new situation, there are some options.

To help this be easier on everyone, the Sandbox Interactive team will allow everyone the opportunity to make one single manual move for every Hideout within three days of launch. You can move your Hideout if you're unsatisfied with the new terrain or if your placement changed a bit, but only within the same zone. Choose carefully because this move is permanent and can only be moved by members of the owning guild with access rights if the Hideout is not currently vulnerable to attack. While most areas will be affected by the update, some won’t, so there will be no move opportunity. And if no one moves it after three days, it will stay wherever it was when the update went live. 

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