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Albion Online is Holding The First Large-Scale Playtest for The Mists Tomorrow

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Albion Online’s next update, Beyond the Veil, is coming on November 21st. The revamped Mists is coming, and the team is looking for playtesters tomorrow to help them polish the content.

Now that the team has revealed the release date for Beyond the Veil, the update will be made available on the test server. Tomorrow, there will be a large-scale playtest at 10 AM UTC/ 6 AM EDT to help the team test The Mists for a few hours. There might be other tests to come, but this one will be an important one, and this is all they’re announcing for now.

During the test, participants can expect to test out different specific Mist modes. So if you’re testing out Solo-Lethal or Duo-Lethal, come prepared to stay in the mode for the session. According to the announcement, there will be several sections of about 20 minutes each, and then there will be a survey for impressions afterwards. There will be other sections throughout the test because the team does plan to test for a couple of hours.

At the end, there will be a longer player survey and the Albion Online team will enter all respondents into a drawing for some in-game gold. Each player will get one entry ticket per playtest section they participated in, so if you get there early and hang out a while in the Mists, you have a shot at up to 10,000 gold if you participate throughout.

Beyond the Veil’s The Mists is a huge feature in this coming update, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if this is the first playtest, but not the last. Still, with the update coming in a couple of weeks, participating here will give you a peek at the feature and help the team to complete it all.

For more on the test and how to participate, head to Albion Online.


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