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Albion Online Improves Arena Matchmaking, Makes Fire Staff a Bit Less OP, and Makes Castle Chests Stick Around

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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With the Into the Fray update having been released back on June 8th, today, Albion Online gets the first patch following that big update. The patch makes some changes to the Arena and Crystal Arena, a few balance changes, and adjustments to new features like Portal Towns.

One of the centerpieces of Into the Fray was the start of the extensive overhaul to the Staff weapon line, and this week’s patch tweaks Fire Staffs just a bit to make them just a little less OP. All Fire Staffs had two abilities, got longer cooldowns and reduced damage, while the one-handed Fire Staff got an improvement. Pyroblast has an improved aiming mechanic, faster rotation speed, and perhaps most importantly, the aiming area isn’t displayed to others now.

For the Arena and Crystal Arena, this week brings an improved matchmaking system that is intended to be faster and find more appropriately matched players. At the start and end of each Arena/Crystal Arena match, players will now be automatically healed and see all of their cooldowns reset. 

Another change is that players’ max load will be increased when they’re in an Arena match. One of the fixes in this update sets things right with offset Crystal League, making them “now lethal as intended” and no-show wins will register correctly for the regular Lethal Crystal League.

In Castles and Castle outposts treasure chests now have additional time to despawn. This went from 5 minutes all the way up to 30 minutes to give players a better chance at getting the rewards within, as part of the new system, especially as Might has been changed. Players are now able to travel to Royal Cities from Portal Towns while they are carrying items or baggage. 

For more on the new patch, you can head over to read the full notes over at Albion Online.


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