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Albion Online Hotfix and Known Issues for Brimstone & Mist Outlined

Keep an eye out for more fixes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Albion Online’s Brimstone and Mist update hit earlier this week. And with any update, there are hotfixes and known issues.

The Brimstone and Mist brings with it new enemies to Corrupted Dungeons along with more fishing opportunities, some balance changes, plus more. You can read all about the Brimstone and Mist update here.

A hotfix released yesterday, which happens to be the first hotfix, addresses a few issues,

  • Resolved an issue where Crafting Stations do not regenerate their Crafting Capacity (* Please note that the UI will still display incorrectly. You will need to change zones and return to see the Crafting Capacity regenerate for now. We aim to fix the UI as soon as possible.)
  • Resolved an issue where some trap templates in the Corrupted Dungeons were double layered, making fire laser traps emit additional lasers and Lava traps

However, there are some known issues you might want to watch out for, including:

  • Crafting Station UI does not display Crafting Capacity regeneration (You will need to change zones and return to see the Crafting Capacity regenerate for now)
  • Spirithunter: Corrupting Steel spell FX does not show in the affected area (This is purely a visual bug)
  • Descriptions for new Roast Fish meals use an incorrect string in some languages


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