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Albion Online Hotfix Addresses Hunter Challenge Issues

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Albion Online team have identified some issues with their Hunter Challenge event. Fortunately, a hotfix is due to be deployed today to correct these issues. The hotfix should be deployed during maintenance, and here’s what you can expect.

The Hunter’s Challenge is an event currently underway featuring several world activities. Of course, completion of activities will let you claim certain rewards. One of the rewards is the Black Panther mount (no Marvel association). The mount includes a speed boost spell which will naturally buff movement speed.

Some other rewards include an avatar ring. This avatar ring is effectively a border for your avatar, and carries with it a hunting theme. Unfortunately, this is where one of the issues stems from. It appears that icons for some chests and the avatar ring are simply invisible during the popup screen. This basically renders them not-claimable.

To that end, the hotfix will contain the following:

  • For desktop clients (Windows/Mac/Linux), the issue will be resolved and you will be able to see and claim all the rewards you've unlocked, even if you tried to claim them when they were not working previously.
  • For mobile clients, the icons will still be invisible, however this is purely visual and you should be able to claim the items. We will resolve the visual issue as soon as we can and keep you updated.

Albion Online has seen its population steadily grow throughout 2020. In fact, a recent report showed that the daily average users for the game has climbed past 140,000. More recently, the second patch for the Call to Arms update released. This Call to Arms Patch 2 brings about several fixes, along with a moose mount.


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