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Albion Online Has Seen Over 140,00 Daily Average Players

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The team behind Albion Online published some recent numbers as part of their population report for Spring 2021.

According to the team, 2020 was the largest for the game yet. Daily Average User counts kept increasing throughout the year beginning at just above 60k last Spring to over 140k this Spring. No doubt, the lockdown aided in this as seemingly everyone flocked to video games.

The team cites the Rise of Avalon update in August as a big boost which introduced several new features in addition to two new languages. This saw the Daily Average User count pass 125,000 players in September. This peaked in February which saw this number climb to 135,000.

The Call to Arms update earlier this month saw several new features introduced as well like Faction Warfare, Hellgates, and Loadouts. This then combined to create a new peak of over 140,000 Daily Average Users.

As to what’s next for Albion Online, the team provided a glimpse into what they have been working on,

“First off, we're hard at work on the mobile version, and are putting the final pieces in place for the official Apple and Google store launches. We'll have some exciting updates soon on the mobile version, so stay tuned. And of course, we're already looking forward to the next big steps for the game, including our next major content update later this year, which will focus on improving and deepening Albion's open world.”


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