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Albion Online Getting Ready for Invasion Day This Weekend After Extended Maintenance for Server Issues Today

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Albion Online will be holding its next Invasion Day this Saturday and Sunday across regions. The current season that is unfolding is slightly shorter than previous seasons and features several significant changes. Today, the team had  an extended downtime to resolve some significant issues with disconnects and instability.

The next Season 17 territory reset will begin on Saturday at 5:30 p.m. UTC and will be streamed on the Albion Online Twitch channel. At 6 p.m. UTC, It will be a free-for-all for claiming territories after the reset. Once you claim your territory, you get to start launching your attack in order to solidify your claims. Territory resets for North America and South America will happen on Sunday at  12:30 a.m. UTC,  with the territory grab opening at 1 a.m. UTC. This translates to 8:30 p.m. Eastern time and 9 p.m. Eastern time on Saturday.

In between the two reset days, the team will also be streaming level 5-7 Crystal League fights. There's also a video from the Invasion day that kicked off Season 17 to enjoy.

Today, however, the community was made to wait while the team worked on some significant issues. Server instability was causing things like black screens and repeated disconnects. The team worked on things for several hours, continually updating the community that they were working and that maintenance would take much longer than anticipated. 

There was an additional problem with the server starting after maintenance, but eventually they were able to bring things back online and relatively stable again. 

All things seem to be operational in Albion Online now and ready for the competition and claims that will be asserted, and defended, this weekend across the regions.

Read more on Invasion Day with the full detailed update over at Albion Online.


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