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Albion Online Director Recaps Mobile Launch, Talks What's Next

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The mobile launch for Albion Online happened earlier last month and in the weeks since, the team has had time to look back. The latest Dev Talk includes Game Director Robin Henkys discussing the launch and looking ahead to what’s next.

If you missed it, the mobile version of Albion Online occurred last month on iOS and Android. Following this launch, player counts were driven pretty high as the team reported a peak of 271,000 just after launch.

As part of this dev talk, Robin looks ahead to the Albion Online roadmap and discusses what’s next. The big theme is bringing back open world gameplay to the MMORPG. This includes things like updating the look and feel of various biomes seeing newer graphics and detail. Additionally, higher-tier areas will see a rework of these graphics to make them more exciting.

Additionally, prepare to see new and upgrade activities like treasure sites, open world mobs, and an upgraded world map. The roadmap also indicates improvements for you veteran players like elite levels, displaying mastery levels, and new personal challenges with guild seasons.

There’s also a new open world objective on the books called Power Vortices:

  • Power Vortices appear unpredictably in the Outlands and produce a power crystal
  • Picking up a crystal makes the player its carrier and forces dismount
  • Crystals can be carried to Territories or Hideouts to boost their level or crafting bonuses, respectively
  • The carrier’s position will be marked on the region map
  • Other players can pick up dropped crystals, creating “capture the flag” type gameplay in the Outlands

You can check out the full recap here.


Poorna Shankar