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Albion Online Devtalk Details Upcoming War Gloves and HQ Hideouts

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The newest Albion Online dev talk is out, and with it come details of some new upcoming features - War Gloves and HQ Hideouts, which bring new weapons, a new Hideout system, and more.

With the Surge Season getting underway and a high-stakes competition about to determine how the new season will start, the updates are worth some attention. War Gloves is the name for a new weapon line, with a series of full features. HQ Hideouts will offer significant protection for a guild's members, provided the upkeep is maintained.

Albion Online'sWar Gloves introduces three base weapons, four Artifact weapons, and 15 new abilities. Artifacts for these new weapons will begin to drop before the beginning of the next season. Once crafted, the new weapons will help you engage and keep enemies occupied while doing damage. Included are the Brawler gameplay style, melee with some ranged abilities, and some new Combat and Crafting masteries.

HQ Hideouts will be the new place for guilds to center protection. They'll be able to declare one of their hideouts their HQ based on their achievements, and season rewards will continue affecting this option.These HQ Hideouts will be invulnerable to attacks while they are powered, which will give them, and their placement, obvious importance. The Surge Season events will determine advantage in placing them, so there's a lot riding on the wins there. 

Of course, given how much protection HQ Hideouts will offer, there are some other things to keep in mind. They'll only be open to guild members, so even if you have allies in the area, they won't be able to join in. There will also be maintenance requirements, which will require Hideout Power Cores, on the way in the Vortex Power System to come. If you don't keep your HQ powered up, it will lose its protection. Another thing to keep in mind is that power requirements will vary depending on location, so hotly contested areas will take more upkeep. 

For full details, check out the Albion Online site.


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