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Albion Online Devs Talk Leveling Up Mobs, Making the Open World Work for All Players

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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 Albion Online's development is still headed towards the game-changing Lands Awakened update, and the latest dev talk from the team goes through a series of challenges, goals, and what's in the works.

Some of the questions the team has surround rewards available for completing challenges. Also on the agenda is making sure that, especially with the open world, that players of all levels and group sizes can enjoy the game. In other words, someone should be able to run some things solo or as part of a small group, be able to get rewarded in a worthwhile way, but also not be mobbed by powerful or large groups.

Other improvements are coming in November. Mobs will be leveling up over time. So you'll see Recruits spawn, then the surviving ones become regular or Champion and so on. This should encourage exploration because if you find some upgraded mobs still out there unkilled, well, you could score some good loot. In order to facilitate the exploration they are going for, there's also going to be a mob value indicator as a new map mode.

Those more dynamic mobs? The system will apply to static dungeons too. Dungeons will also get an additional entrance in a neighboring region, hopefully avoiding groups camping the only entrance. Dungeon Rush will also see this leveling up but in an accelerated manner. These will happen at random times and with little warning. Toss in the new mob leveling and you may find lots of players descending on them and setting things up for confrontation. One of the hopes is PvE players can explore them, with the additional entrance and safety, at less disputed times.

Overall, the team is really looking to shore up the work in time for the open world vision to play out in Albion Online and to make it a fun place to be for all kinds of players. 


Christina Gonzalez

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