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Albion Online Devs Talk Avalonian Weapons

Arriving in Rise of Avalon update in August

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Albion Online’s next update, called Rise of Avalon, is set to release in August. Ahead of that, here’s some information on Avalonian Weapons which should arrive with the update.

In short, this is set to the be the first major expansion for weapons to hit the game, with the previous major release touching on level 3 artifacts. Additionally, it sounds like Avalonian weapons were in the works when design on the Avalonian faction began. In total, there will be 15 artifact weapons and three offhand weapons. Each of these will be T4-T8. This means 90 new models.

The post goes on to describe several weapons like the Lucent Hawk bow, Majestic Smash (Two-Handed Sword), Inner Shadow (Cursed Staff), Line Breaker (Spear), and Soul Link (Nature Staff). Lucent Hawk, for example, is described as a bow which can fire off four high-impact long-range skillshots in succession.

You’ll be able to craft these weapons using artifacts. You can forge artifacts from Avalonians shards, but you can also just buy them outright if you wish. The crafting of these weapons is said to work similarly to crafting Avalonian armor.

The new update will also bring 1v1 combat balance to Corrupted dungeons. However, these details will be shared in the future.


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