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Albion Online Dev Talk Discusses Roads of Avalon

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A recent Albion Online Dev Talk takes a look at the Roads of Avalon ahead of the Rise of Avalon update arriving in August.

This dev talk is actually the first of several, focusing specifically on the Roads of Avalon, which is described as a system to expand the world for new opportunities for travel, exploration, and settlement. The team published a video below, in addition to a written summary.

In essence, you’ll be able to travel across Albion and explore the continent to find resources. Additionally, they’ll allow you to live in a new environment away from the Outlands. The team describes these as idea for small groups.

If you want to find these roads, you’ll actually first need to locate a gateway to Avalon. These gateways have a recharge cooldown and can only accommodate a few players at a time. Taking this gateway will see you travel to Avalon. You can use the roads to uncover shortcuts, find an Outlands zone, trade, and much more.


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