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Albion Online Details Zerg Mechanics in New Guide

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new guide to Zerg mechanics was outlined for Albion Online touching on player slots, queues, and more.

Queue slot distribution is based on sorting:

  1. ‘Prefered Cluster’ access guild right
  2. Premium Status
  3. Item Power (minimum: 800)
  4. Time in the Cluster (the more time they were already in the cluster, the more likely they will be kicked out)

The guide provides additional rules for queuing as well, including:

  • If a queued player leaves their current zone, moves too far from the entrance, or logs out, they will lose their spot.
  • If a player declines a "join" invitation or waits more than 30 seconds to confirm, they will lose their spot.
  • Players can only queue for one cluster at a time.
  • Players can either be in a Smart Cluster Queue or an Arena/Expedition queue, but not both.

The guide also focuses on Disarray, AoE Escalation, and Focus Fire. You can take a look at the guide here.


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