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Albion Online Details Upcoming Beyond The Veil Content Drop In New Blogpost

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Albion Online laid out its plans for its next content drop, Beyond the Veil, in a new blog post about how the MMO aims to improve its existing Roads of Avalon system.

The new post, which Albion Online's developers state is the first of "several in-depth looks" at its newly announced Beyond the Veil content update, takes a closer look some of the new content coming with the update. It takes a special look at the changes it's bringing to Roads of Avalon system. 

Beyond the Veil Changes to Roads of Avalon

Beyond the Veil brings a host of changes to Roads of Avalon in Albion Online, as Sandbox Interactive details in the post. First up are changes to Hideouts, with them being able to be declared as a Headquarters. As such, Hideouts will require power to be kept up with, with Power Cores able to be found within Roads of Avalon. Hideout construction can also be accelerated in the upcoming update.

Logout behavior is also changing, with players returning to where they first entered Roads when they logout, though this will cause some durability damage to equipped items, as well as item loss. However, if you're disconnected, you'll have the chance to log back in within a defined window before penalties are incurred. 

New open-world treasures are coming, and monsters in Albion Online's Roads content will upgrade over time now. Sandbox Interactive is also trying to make large grouping more rewarding for Albion players, by making monsters stronger, as well as turning the regions in between Hideouts into areas that will contain "high-value content for large groups." Albion Online's devs hope that these changes will make Roads of Avalon an area that will entice smaller groups and independent guilds to explore and play within moving forward.

You can check out the video with Game Director Robin Henkys in the embed below for more details. Sandbox Interactive has been adjusting Roads of Avalon content for a while, with an update back in September revamping the content, as well as adds solo content and new creatures into the MMO. 


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