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Albion Online Details Loadouts System Arriving March 17 in Call to Arms Update

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Albion Online is set to receive a loadouts system in the upcoming Call to Arms update on March 17. Here are some details.

Loadouts should be familiar to you from similar systems in various other games. In essence, these loadouts will save sets of equipment, spells, and other inventory. You can equip them from banks, chests, and battlevaults.

Additionally, you can share your loadouts with other players. Loadouts will also include specific rules which will be defined by players. These rules are meant to provide a degree of flexibility. You’ll be able to access loadouts in a new UI window from the player menu. Finally, there will be 30 slots available, and you’ll be able to search and reorder that list as you see fit.

The summary post goes into detail for each of the features described above, showing you exactly how you can create a loadout, save it, and share it with other players. The post also touches on upcoming features like the marketplace where you can directly buy full sets. The team is hoping to add this feature shortly after the Call to Arms update on March 17.


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