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Albion Online Details Changes Coming To Hideouts, Elite Dungeons And More Following Queen Update

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Albion Online's Queen update hit the MMO earlier this week, and while the update itself has been well received it wasn't without issues. Albion's team took their official forums to detail some of the changes coming following the update.

The team detailed some of the changes coming to Elite Dungeon Rewards, addressing what they call "urgent issues" in a patch next week. Right now Elite Dungeon Rewards and loot feel "underpowered," and as a result the team will be boosting the fame and loot in the dungeons themselves. Additionally, the team is reworking the balancing made to party loot for chests, as right now some players are getting lots of loot while others aren't getting any. 

Albion is also taking a look at hideout durability and visibility in the game. The team stated they are seeing quite a bit of hideout destruction in the second placement phase, causing quite a bit of grief among smaller guilds in the game. 

We're observing quite a high amount of Hideout destruction in the second placement phase. This is fine if a Hideout is actually being placed offensively. However, this is causing quite a lot of grief amongst the smaller guilds who are just trying to get a Hideout placed somewhere in the open world. For this reason, we're planning to make an adjustment to Hideout visibility: Hideout construction sites will only appear on the region map if you're in the same region as the construction site. This will make it far less convenient to scout remote Hideouts and go there without a strategic need. Our goal is that different size guilds can co-exist in the Outlands and that destroying another guild's Hideout has no benefit and no incentive for the attacking guild, unless they're in direct conflict with the guild owning the Hideout.

In addition, we're reviewing the durability of Hideouts of all levels to check if they need to be adjusted based on our data. If we make an adjustment, its likely to increase the durability of construction sites (which are possibly too weak) and slightly lower the durability of fully upgraded Hideouts (which are very strong right now).

You can check out the full post on the upcoming changes, which should hit via a patch next week, in the Albion Online forums


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