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Albion Online Celebrates Their 4-Year Anniversary with Fireworks, a Fame Boost, and a Classic Dungeon

Steven Weber Posted:
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Albion Online has a lot to celebrate, as the 4-year anniversary medieval sandbox MMORPG has accomplished a great deal since their initial release back in July of 2017. Players that log in between July 17th and July 26th will receive the Mists of Avalon buff, and be reintroduced to the Classic Dungeon, Defenders of the Past.

A lot can happen in 4 years, and Albion Online has grown exponentially during that time. The past year has brought substantial changes to the game, with updates such as the Rise of Avalon, which brought new weapons and quality of life improvements alongside the Roads of Avalon and Corrupted Dungeons. In 2021 we saw the launch of the Call to Arms update, which brought along with it a revamp to Faction Warfare and a new payable Faction, Caerleon. Quite possibly the biggest change in the past year, is the release of Albion Online on mobile devices.

In June of 2021, Albion Online released on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store which resulted in an unprecedented influx of players to the game. Over 1 million players have downloaded and played the game from the Google Play Store alone. Due to the mobile launch, the daily active player count has doubled, hovering around 270K daily active players.

As a way to thank players and celebrate their achievements over the past 4 years, Sandbox Interactive will provide a boost to all players with the Mists of Avalon buff. Below are the details related to the buff and where the boost will not work, more information can be found on the events page:

  • The Boost Begins Saturday, July 17. the Mists of Albion buff will be automatically enabled for all players
  • This buff automatically grants an additional 25% Fame for all activities
  • The buff does not apply to Fame earned via PvP kills and Tomes of Insight, and does not boost the rate at which Challenge Points are earned
  • The Fame boost will end at 10:00 UTC on Monday, July 26

Players will also get to take part in the return of a classic dungeon, the Defenders of the Past. Below are details related to the limited time return of the dungeon:

  • Defenders of the Past will spawn randomly in T4-8 zones in both the Royal Continent and the Outlands (not in Roads of Avalon)
  • The dungeon will spawn in both solo and group versions, with enemies and loot balanced accordingly
  • The dungeon entrance will appear as a portal flanked by Anniversary Banners
  • The final boss chest will give a chance to receive the Blue Anniversary Banner along with other loot
  • This limited-time dungeon will only be playable until July 31 at 10:00 UTC

Just by logging in, you will also be able to celebrate Albion Online’s anniversary with some fireworks! All players that log in during the specified anniversary period that ends on July 31st, will be able to claim their Anniversary Fireworks, which Sandbox Interactive has sent to all players. If you haven’t logged into Albion Online in a while, you may not want to miss the chance to celebrate with hundreds of thousands of other players during their anniversary month. Congratulations Albion Online.


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