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Albion Online Celebrates Reddit Milestone with Albion Meme-oirs Contest

Guess what the contest is about you guys

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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As announced on Twitter, the Albion Online team is celebrating the milestone of 30k Albion Online Reddit users with a contest.

The contest, dubbed, “Albion Meme-oirs,” will give you a chance to win your character artwork by one of the artists and Premium Status.

The team wants you to create and submit, “the most original, creative and best meme in the Albion world.” Here are the rules:

  • Must be Albion-themed
  • Must be original
  • Memes insulting other guilds, alliances or bringing up personal spats do not qualify as entries and will be removed
  • No NSFW, homophobic, racist, sexist memes, and definitely no hate speech - these will obviously be removed too
  • You are allowed to submit multiple entries

To submit, you’ll have to upload your meme to Imgur and then post that link to this Reddit thread. You have until March 23 at 20:00 UTC. The team will determine the winning meme based on originality, creativity and how much they make them laugh! If you’re voting, keep these factors in mind when giving your upvotes.

And of course, there will be prizes. Here is how the prizes shake down:

  • Winner will receive a simple drawing of his/her character by one of SBI’s artists + 3 months of Premium Status. (Note: The drawing may be tied into the winning meme submitted, if possible)
  • First runner-up will receive 2 months of Premium Status
  • Second runner-up will receive 1 month of Premium Status

Note that premium status will be granted on a character chosen by the player. Additionally, the team may share your meme elsewhere. Good luck!


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