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Albion Online Celebrates 3rd Anniversary with Special Events and Rewards

Celebrate Good Times... Come On!

Steven Weber Posted:
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Three years after Albion Online’s official launch, Sandbox Interactive is throwing an Anniversary celebration marking the momentous occasion. Players who log in during the celebration week, ending July 24th, will earn a 25% fame-boost, free fireworks, and the ability to revisit a dungeon of long past.

Fans of the medieval fantasy sandbox game Albion Online will be glad to know that the celebration doesn’t simply stop with some in-game events. In addition to everything going on in game, there will also be a “Strike a Pose” contest held on the official forums as well. Get gussied up in your favorite outfit and win all kinds of prizes all the way through July 31st. The entirety of details related to the rewards and dungeon can be found here, or summarized below.

  • At the end of maintenance on Friday, July 17, the Mists of Albion buff will be automatically enabled for all players
  • This buff automatically grants an additional 25% Fame for all activities
  • The buff does not apply to Fame earned via PvP kills and Tomes of Insight, and does not boost the rate at which Challenge Points are earned
  • The Fame boost ends at 10:00 UTC on Friday, July 24
  • Defenders of the Past will spawn randomly in T4-8 zones in both the Royal Continent and the Outlands
  • The dungeon will spawn in both solo (green) and group (blue) versions, with enemies and loot balanced accordingly
  • The dungeon entrance will appear as a portal flanked by Anniversary Banners
  • The final boss chest will give a chance to receive the Red Anniversary Banner along with other loot
  • This limited-time dungeon will only be playable until July 31 at 10:00 UTC, so head out into the open world and revisit a unique piece of Albion's past!
  • Remember, the Fame Boost and forum contest end on July 24 and the classic dungeon and free fireworks end on July 31, so log in today and join the celebration!

Read more about how far Albion Online has come with this developer summary over a new update scheduled for August. For those wondering about the most recent changes, check out the last patch which made some changes to mounts. Now’s the time to celebrate!


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