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Albion Online Call to Arms Patch 8 Brings Increased Lethal Hellgate Rewards

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Albion Online has received Patch 8 for its Call to Arms update. This update brings an increase in rewards to lethal Hellgates in addition to several quality of life improvements.

Hellgates are seemingly addressed in nearly every update for Albion Online. Back in April, Hellgates received some updates to make them more accessible. They also saw tweaks and improvements in May and June.

This patch, Call to Arms patch 8, increases Lethal Hellgate rewards. The goal here is pretty straightforward with values of chest loot increased thusly:

  • 2v2: +10%
  • 5v5: +20%
  • 10v10: +30%

This Albion Online update also presents marketplace notifications in a more condensed manner. The goal is to make them more meaningful and less obtrusive, now only sending when a buy or sell order has been completely filled or expired. These notifications will now contain a summary of sorts for the transactions involved, hopefully reducing clicks.

Some other quality of life improvements and tweaks include:

  • Balance changes to Axes and Maces
  • Faction Warfare: improved feedback when capturing Outposts, and Outposts no longer claimable while mounted
  • Corrupted Dungeon tutorial popup no longer appears each time a new dungeon is entered
  • Various localization, animation, and terrain fixes

You can read a highlight of the update here. The full patch notes discuss combat balance changes to axes, maces, faction warfare changes, and some more general fixes such as:

  • Fixed a non-functional store button in the Gold Market UI
  • Fixed an issue where the Average IP displayed incorrectly in the Party Finder
  • Fixed an issue where Lunging Strike (all Spears) could hit the same enemy twice if the enemy was in the ability's hitbox, left it, and re-entered (the hit is now only applied once per target)
  • Fixed an issue where the December 2021 Adventurer's Challenge was incorrectly displayed as a past challenge
  • Additional graphical, audio, UI, and localization fixes


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