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Albion Online Call to Arms Patch 2 Arrives Along with Moose Mount

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Albion Online’s second patch for their Call to Arms update is now live. And, if you’re the type who enjoys collecting mounts, this one might interest you. There’s a tame moose mouse available as part of this latest update.

Albion Online received its Call to Arms update earlier this month. The update brought about several new features such as several updates to its engine which were intended to improve dev time for the developers in addition to aiding in performance.

This Patch 2 allows you to find a Tame Moose. This is a T67 Hide animal. You can find the moose in the tier-appropriate forest zones in the game. These Moose (Meese? Moooses? Moosen?) have the chance to drop Moose Calves. You can actually raise these calves into to adult moose.

If you raise this Tamed Moose, you’ll be able to ride it by taking it to the saddler. The team notes that this moose is most comparable to the Giant Stag. This means you can expect a pretty substantial carrying capacity with medium speed. There’s also a mount skin slot it shares with stags. The patch also brings with it several bug fixes, which you can find the full patch notes here.

The Call to Arms update was a pretty huge one which introduced a Hellgate rework, quality of life improvements, a loadouts system, and much more. In recent news, the Rites of Spring event is underway in-game until April 10.

Perhaps interestingly, the team revealed that Albion Online has experienced over 140,000 daily average users. They revealed this information in their latest Spring 2021 report. The reported cited Covid for the increase in player count, in addition to several updates that hit the game like the Rites of Avalon update which saw new features and two new languages.


Poorna Shankar