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Albion Online Brings The Living Legacy Back, With Sixth Anniversary Festivities On Both Servers

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 After a rough few days facing down DDoS attacks and getting things stable for players, the Albion Online team has opened up the sixth anniversary event. Last year's Living Legacy Event was so successful and memorable, it returns this year.

The 6th anniversary is packed with a number of rewards. Starting with Living Legacy,  which is running on both Albion West and Albion East. In the patch notes, the team notes that running this event on both servers maintains the same variety of available enemies. So Albion West champion statues will also travel East this month.

There are three new statues this year, representing the champions from Seasons 16 through 18. Statues come in three different sizes, with Construct being the mid-level statue that has some riches and do not appear on the map. Wander around and you may stumble upon one, but don't worry if you are a solo player or in a very small group. 

The Colossus level statues are stronger and higher level, and do appear on the local map while you are in the zone. You get some more rewards since these are harder. Finally, the Titans are extremely powerful, designed as essentially, a world event. You can see them on the world map from up to three zones away. Consider them a beacon for groups to come and take them down for the most rewards.

Statues will drop a variety of items, including:

  • Riding Horse Skin: Sixth-Year Stallion
  • Anniversary Banner - Orange (Furniture Item)
  • Firework Launcher: Chromacannon (Vanity Weapon Skin)
  • Anniversary Cake (Consumable food; gives +15% non-PvP Fame for 30 minutes, stackable with other foods, decays after event ends)

For the 6th anniversary, log into the game during the event and you'll get the 6th anniversary avatar and a ring. 

On Monday, July 17th, there will also be Twitch Drops for those who tune into Albion Online streams, with the regular weekly campaign and usual drops joined by newer “exclusive chests”.

The anniversary event will run until July 26th for Albion East,  and it will end on July 27th at 10:00 a.m. UTC for Albion West. 

For more details, see the full patch notes for the event.


Christina Gonzalez

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