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Albion Online Beyond the Veil Update is Live, Opening the Mists and Much More

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The Mists are open, as Albion Online’s Beyond the Veil update is now live, with major content additions, new resource tier, quality of life changes, and more.

With the arrival of the update, not only has the game grown with the Roads of Avalon rework and the Mists, but a whole lot more. Among the other features are Brecilien, which is the “city in the Mists” to go and discover, leading to the ability to unlock a second player island there. 

The Roads of Avalon rework refocuses the area for small to medium groups, with expanded treasures appearing in the open world, mobs that upgrade over time, and crystal spiders. If you have a hideout in the area, you can now declare it your HQ. 

The newest resource tier, Pristine, offers the highest enchantment, and its rarity makes possible some high stakes conflict out in the world once the limited nodes appear (visible on the map too).

The Mists are a huge part of the Beyond the Veil though. The solo version of the Mists will let one player enter, and “The Greater Mists” will allow for two to enter. There are also lethal and non-lethal  versions to enter, depending on from where you enter a portal, with lethal regions being the only place to find lethal Mists portals. The portals themselves also have rarity levels, which are not necessarily static, but can get upgraded over time.

What you find in the Mists will affect the greater game as a whole. Fey Armor is a new type that can be crafted from artifacts dropped by creatures in the Mists, like the Fey Dragon. The pieces will give a special ability when worn that will also impact strategy as more people get their hands on these new pieces. 

Brecilien, like the Mists, is a new city that will not have a fixed location. You have to locate it for yourself in order to gain access. After you do, you'll have the opportunity to buy a player island there.

The rest of the update is concerned with balance and practical changes to support the new content, quality of life improvements, and changes that improve the mobile experience, including improved targeting.

Read the full patch notes over at Albion Online. 


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