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Albion Online Announces Winners of Meme Contest

Yes, toilet paper

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The winners of Albion Online’s meme contest have been announced.

If you recall, the contest was announced last week, calling upon the community to submit some spectacular themed memes. Over 30,000 entries were submitted, with the top 3 winners announced over on Reddit where they had to follow these guidelines:

  • Must be Albion-themed
  • Must be original
  • Memes insulting other guilds, alliances or bringing up personal spats do not qualify as entries and will be removed
  • No NSFW, homophobic, racist, sexist memes, and definitely no hate speech - these will obviously be removed too
  • You are allowed to submit multiple entries

First place went to u/Mishirene who poked fun at Sandbox Interactive making a meme contest to “appeal to the player base.” Second place went to u/ayrtonselo for an excellent on-the-nose toilet paper meme. Third place went to u/Ugu_Dango who reminded us all to do our laborers.

First place received three months of Premium Status, with second and third receiving two months and one month respectively. Be sure to click on the Reddit link above to see these memes in all their glory.


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