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Albion Online Announces Adjustment To Alliance Cap Test

Alliance Cap Test coming February 26th

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Albion Online has announced some adjustments to the way they’re handling the Alliance Cap Test on February 26.

The post actually begins with an apology to players on how they’ve handled communication to the community,

“We deeply regret our approach to the communication and handling of this matter. We should have taken more time to evaluate the expected outcome of this test before making an announcement. For this, we would like to apologize.”

The reason for the adjustment is to that, according to them, any hard cap on alliance size would result in a purge of players from their existing guilds and alliances. The ramifications for this are obvious from a gameplay and fun standpoint.

On the other hand, they don’t want groups of players just dominating the experience of others. Based on feedback, they’ve announced the following:

Introduce an Upkeep on Territory control based on the number of territories held by the Alliance*

  • This upkeep will be paid in siphoned energy
  • It will begin to apply when an alliance holds more than 10 territories (excluding Castles and Castle Outposts)
  • The amount of upkeep per territory will increase the more territories are held by your alliance
  • If upkeep cannot be paid at the region time, your guild will drop the territory and receive no season points for the territory ownership that day
  • The upkeep will be paid as a percentage of the territories' expected Energy Output (including tower levels) and increases by 5% for each territory above 10
  • In this balancing, adding any territories beyond 20 actually reduces your global energy output (so the 21st territory adds less than it costs)
  • The upkeep can exceed 100% of the production (which would occur if an Alliance holds 31+ territories).
  • Our expectation would be that this causes alliances to focus on quality of territories and defense of mages over quantity, breaking the largest Alliances down into multiple groups who each hold 10-20 territories at most (and cannot effectively support each other in combat)
  • (*) These penalties apply to guilds outside an Alliance as well, if they hold more than 10 Territories

Additionally, they discussed an income penalty to players in alliances* based on the number of territories held by that alliance:

  • All players within an Alliance will suffer from reduced silver & fame income if the Alliance holds more than 10 Territories (excluding Castles and Castle Outposts)
  • This penalty applies to all fame gained from gathering and PvE, as well as silver income from silver bags and mobs
  • This penalty starts at 1% and increases by 1% per additional Territory in the Alliance
  • With this balancing, this penalty reaches about 10% for players in an Alliance with 20 Territories. You can think of this debuff as the opposite of the Faction Warfare benefit: you’re gaining additional safety for playing as a member of a successful Alliance, but you’re paying for it with decreased efficiency.
  • (*) These penalties apply to outside an Alliance as well, if they hold more than 10 Territories

Their next points include:

  • Improve the power of Disarray to have an increased impact in medium scale engagements
    • Our goal would be that players can already feel the impact of Disarray in fights of 25 vs 50, and 50 vs 100 would become significantly more even that way
  • Introduce a Cooldown of 7 days to re-joining the same guild after leaving your current guild to prevent guild-drop exploitation of Disarray.
  • Introduce a Cooldown of 7 days to re-joining the same alliance after leaving your current alliance to prevent alliance-drop exploitation of Disarray.
  • Lower the impact of high quality gear in the Smart Cluster Queue

This is a lot of information, and only time will tell if these efforts bear fruit during the test on February 26.


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