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Albion Online Adds New Victory Emotes To Add Some Flair to Your Kills

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Victory can be a little sweeter after today’s Albion Online update. Not only are there six new victory emotes, but expanded Twitch Drops, and some additional balance changes and improvements.

Being able to celebrate your victory can be pretty fun and flashy. These new victory emotes can be enabled by using gold or by earning their use via Twitch Drops and equipped in the appearance menu. There are six new options, with 10 victory emotes possible. 

However, you don't permanently unlock them. These work with charges, which you can get by participating in Twitch Drop campaigns. Chests you get through those drops can contain Victory Emote charges. You can also buy charges with gold. All characters on your account will benefit from the charges. If you want to use a victory emote, set it in the appearance Tab and anytime you kill a player the emote will be triggered automatically.  this will cost you a charge.

If you run out of charges, the emote won’t trigger until you’ve acquired more.

The rest of the update  features balance changes, some fixes, and other improvements. On the list of improvements is a rework to the Claim Rewards UI  with visual improvements as well as paging and scrolling. Other UI clean removed some obsolete Guild Point info. And now, custom matches can be initiated by a third party. This will enable players to organize two teams without actually participating themselves. This could let guilds do things like host tournaments without having to take part.

Mage Staffs continue getting some balance tweaks since the overall rework. This patch has some changes to Arcane and Cursed staffs, with both getting some nerfs to bring the damage and power in line and competitive without being overpowered. Several other weapons also got adjusted, as well as some gear.

You can read the full patch notes over at Albion Online.


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