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Albion Online Adds Japanese and Italian Support and New Guild Finder Ahead of Season 17

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Albion Online is expanding with its latest patch, adding both Japanese and Italian language support,  introducing a Guild Finder, and setting up guild season changes.

This is the sixth patch following the Into the Fray update, and guilds are a definite focus.  There's a new Guild Season starting on September 17th. This is the 17th Guild Season and will run a week shorter than usual. In order to compensate for the shortened season, there will be triple rewards in the final week.

There are several important rule changes, including new substeps to the ranking system that will have more notches to potentially earn rewards by meeting, and a change to ranking itself. Participants in the last season won’t have their ranks completely reset, but instead be partially ranked down to open the season. You can lose rank, but not having to always start at zero gives some players more of a chance and might encourage greater participation.

This week's patch adds the Guild Finder, which will let players find a guild and guilds find new recruits. There are three tabs available, including one designed for beginners to find beginner-friendly guilds. Other tabs are search functions and filters that will help more experienced players find what they need. Guild leaders can also use the recruitment tab to set up info that a player might need to know  before they apply for membership.

Since the feature is entirely new, it will be disabled for a time until the algorithm has enough data to make successful recommendations and guild leaders have sufficient time to get their recruitment info set up. The team estimates that the wait here could be about a week. 

In a sign of the game's growth, Japanese and Italian language support have been added, with dedicated chat channels, and new forums.  there's foul language support for both although there may be some newer text that still needs to be fully translated.

For more, head over to Albion Online. 


Christina Gonzalez

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