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Albion Online Adds Final Two Magic Staff Reworks, Arcane and Frost Staff, Along With Loot Changes

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Albion Online has just released its fourth patch following the Into The Fray update. This time the final two magic staff lines, Arcane and Frost, get their reworks.

The update initially brought  complete overhauls,  from spells to animations, sounds,  and even the look and feel of all of the magic staff lines except for Arcane and Frost. A promise to reveal those two soon has now come to fruition.

In the update, two-handed staff will look different from a one-handed staff, the animations have all been updated, so have the sounds, and each staff will now resemble the type it is in a new way. This is designed not just for style but to make what someone is using more easily identifiable on the map.

For both lines, several abilities have been removed, and new ones have been added.  both Frost and Arcane get extensive reworks, with the aim to make players wielding them more viable with the current meta. Arcane staff gets a new passive called Lingering Power, which will give an attack speed bonus of 120% and an attack range bonus by 33% for the next three normal attacks you cast within 3 seconds. 

One of the new abilities for Frost is called Glacial Obelisk for all Frost staff types which lets you create a glacial obelisk at a targeted position that will be there for 6 seconds, increase all damage and cooldown rate by 15% for up to 10 allies in a 6M radius of that obelisk. Both lines get tougher as well as some ways to help their allies.

This patch also changes loot rules in the Black Zone, which limits what players can loot a dead player for the first 90 seconds after a kill. Also in the update are a few UI fixes and bug fixes and minor spell changes and bug fixes.

Read the full notes over at Albion Online.


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