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Albion Online Adds Additional Controller Features, Tweaks Bosses, and Removes 'Political' Guild Logos

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Albion Online has gotten some improvements to its controller support beta, as well as additional changes to  remove guild logos that refer to Russia, as well as other changes to mobs, combat balance, and fixes.

Certain guild logos were removed from the game because of their "political symbols". The two logos were  included in the game  as a result of winning a pre-launch contest. “Hammer and Sickle” has been replaced by the new “Hammer” design, and “Red Army” has been replaced by “Bear”. These reference Russia and the Soviet Union. Those who were affected by these changes and the logo removal can request a one-time change to a new logo instead of using the replacements. The guilds that created the logos will be able to submit new logos so they can still claim their prize.

The controller support beta is aimed at making sure this new way of accessing the game opens it up to more players. Several changes were made this week,including adding controller options to the general settings menu, and a few adjustments to what the controller buttons do. The update added options like target selection via the right stick, which include an alternate control scheme that means you don't have to use a cursor to pick a target. You can also cast on button release which will use left stick targeting. The controller support beta is continuing so we can expect more changes.

Other changes in the update include duels being capped at a maximum of five minutes. What time will appear at the top of the screen and if there's no winner before time’s up, it will end in a draw.

Healing gets an important update because now Healing Sickess will only be triggered by Nature and Holy Staffs. Healing that is performed by another item will no longer cause it. 

Mob changes came for the Keeper Pack Leader, the Axe Maiden, and The Earthkeeper Shaman. Them saw their attacks tweaked, with the first two using Axe Assault  less often and only casting if player health is above 50%, and Earthkeeper Shaman now showing a red arrow when you are a valid target for a melee attack.

For the full update, see the notes over at Albion Online. 


Christina Gonzalez

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