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Ajax & Diomedes Faction Pack Available Now in Total War Saga: Troy

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Ajax & Diomedes Faction Pack is now available in Total War Saga: Troy. Here’s what you need to know.

You can check out the features overview trailer below. The pack features both Ajax and Diomedes, obviously. Ajax the Great’s roster includes slow, but very heavily equipped defensive infantry to hold the line, while his powerful missile units take advantage of protected positions.

Meanwhile, Diomedes roster is specialized in crushing attacks with well-rounded axe and sword infantry, combined with quick flanking units from surprising locations.

Additionally, free content includes access to Hephaestus – the god of blacksmiths & volcanoes – within the pantheon of the gods, and the Divine Craftsman Epic Agent, who can permanently upgrade settlements.

Here’s what’s included in this faction pack:

  • 2 New Factions – Salamis (Ajax) and Argos (Diomedes).
  • 18 new units – Including Salamis Marines, Argive Swordmasters, Ajax's Wall and more.
  • Paragon units – Veteran versions of regular units led by an officer.
  • 4 new faction mechanics.
  • New special event to conquer Troy – Stealing the Palladium.
  • Thebes and its seven gates campaign model and battle map.


Poorna Shankar