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AION Receives Version 7.0 Update: New Region, New Specialization, PvE, and More

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Today is a good day for fans of AION as GameForge is detailing its latest update, Version 7.0. The update brings new content to the game, including a new region, class specialization, PvE Instance, new transformations, equipment, and LugBug missions.

Per a press release, the new class specialization is coming to the Artist class in the form of the Painter. The class sounds like a lot of fun and stands apart from traditional combat specializations. Rather than take up sword and shield, Painters will fire paint rings and cover their enemies in sticky acrylic. Or is it oil? Either way, watch as your enemies run away or fall to their untimely demise at the thought of a shower and change of clothes! On a more serious note, this sounds like a great, fun way to inject some color into the game and give players new ways to find fun without leaning on the usual tropes.

In the new region of Dumaha, things are a lot more serious, however. It’s a region beset with conflict as the Snuwa, worshippers of Apsu fight to protect their holy altars from the Stella Corporation. Stella enlists the players to help with their annexation of the region. In the process, you’ll take part in brand new Altar Sieges and use the new Stellium currency for consumables and stones.

A new PvE instance will also be making its way to the game with the Stella Development Laboratory. You’ll be making your way into one of the Stella Corporation’s manufacturing facilities that’s recently been overrun with outlaws. Unfortunately for them, what they found in the Lab made them lose their minds and cause the facility to erupt into chaos. It’s up to you to set things back in order.

Other additions coming to the game include brand new transformations, daily and weekly LugBug missions, and brand new Ancient, Legendary, and Ultimate equipment. Unfortunately, GameForge is also taking the opportunity to discontinue Polish, Italian, and Spanish language localizations of the game, though they plan to continue forums and support for all previous language versions released.


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