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Aion Producer's Letter Explains Changes Made Due to Decreasing Population

Steven Weber Posted:
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Aion has been one of NC’s (Formerly NCSoft) few games that have been around for more than a decade. With limited updates over the past year, the Producer’s Letter has graced us at a time where new updates have just rolled out for both Aion and Aion Classic. The Producers, Min Lee and Wesley White talk a little about what’s still coming to the game, as well as indicating that they have been making positive changes to contend with a lower stream of players.

Many wouldn’t blame you if you’ve moved on from Aion after 12 years, but the Producers want you to know that the game still has some life left in it. With the introduction of Aion 8.2 the developers have begun to understand that the lack of content in Atreia could be one of the main culprits to the issues players are experiencing in regards to progression.

“We are acutely aware of the difficulties players are having due to the smaller number of Daevas currently residing within Atreia. We have also raised concerns internally surrounding a lack of content, which can be a factor that’s been exacerbating this problem. Those issues have us focused currently on how the release of newer content can affect our current player base and their progressions.”

-The Aion Producer's Letter

When it comes to Aion Classic the team is preparing to introduce Stormwings Defiance, which will launch on May 25th. Over the past year NC has taken players feedback into consideration, and they’ve responded with merging servers, matchmaking problems, the server’s economy and more, while they attempt to bring players back to the game.

“There is no simple solution to remedy all of these at once, so we are making a great effort to attract new and returning users. We believe there are certain aspects currently making it too difficult to strengthen and grow as a Daeva, and will be continuously working to improve in each of these areas.”

-The Aion Producer's Letter

Players can also expect new upcoming sieges in Inngison and Gelkmaros to bring content to the PvP community. You can find the schedule of upcoming sieges in the Producer’s Letter. Aion is currently the second most underperforming game in NC’s catalog, with Blade & Soul bringing in less than half the sales of Aion according to the 2022 Q1 Earnings Report. Over the course of 2021, sales have been dwindling for Aion but Q1 2022 has seen a small increase, indicating that it may be possible that Aion could climb back from its sales slide. Will you be returning to Aion? Let us know in the comments.


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