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Aion Is Celebrating its 10th Anniversary With A Plethora Of In Game Events

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Aion has been running for over a decade now, and the studio behind the long-running MMORPG has plans to hold a party of special magnificence. 

In fact, the party is going to be raging for four weeks, according to a post on the Aion website. Until October 10th, Aion will be running its very own Anniversary Flea Market, complete with robot rewards dealers and a giant 3-tier cake players can grab a slice of for a 6-hour buff.

In addition to the Flea Market, players can tackle dungeons for special drops during the anniversary. 

Bosses in select instances will have a chance to drop a reward box for all party members.

A reward box will offer one of the following items as a random reward:

  • Piece of Frostspark gear (specific pieces and rarities vary depending on the instance)
  • Cute Minion Contract (14 Types)
  • Minium (A-C Grade)
  • Silver Cubicle Bundle
  • Shard Bundle

A reward box will also have a chance of providing a bonus reward:

  • 100% Enchantment Stone Bundle

You can check out the entirety of the 10th anniversary event for Aion on its official website. The festivities are only going through October 10th, so hop in the game today to take part in the celebration.


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