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Aion Classic Update 2.5, Lady Siel's Call Offers a Packed Roster of New Instances, New Bosses, and More

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Gameforge has released Update 2.5 Lady Siel’s Call for Aion Classic. Bringing new challenges, several new instances, including new dungeons and PvE arenas, new mechanics, and much more.

Lady Siel, the protector of the Tower of Eternity, invites all comers to the new instances and challenges to explore. These new additions include Tempus, a high-level solo instance for level 55+, which lets you gain Abyss points. Tiamat has experimented with Siel's relics, and this instance will reveal some secrets. Padmarashka’s Cave is a new group instance where you take on a challenge from the Dramata, Padmarashka. She refuses to leave her eggs and she will do anything to protect them. You can take this on once a day for 2 to 6 players.

The Empyrean Crucible is another new instance, also for 2-6 players. In this PVE instance for level 50  and above, monsters spawn in waves in a circular arena. You can repeat this once a week.  A solo challenge, the Crucible Challenge, will let you test your own skills twice a week. Can you become a powerful Daeva? 

The update also adds new mechanics, like Sanctification and  the informative Combat Talent. These are additional ways to refine and vary your character builds and playstyle. You can add extra stats and effects to your gear and also quantify characters abilities based on their stats and equipped items.

It's not a big update without some new bosses. Take on new world bosses in Balaurea, with Enraged Debilkarim and Enraged Lakhara set to spawn every Saturday at 11PM CET for one hour.  There are additional balance changes, item updates, quest updates, new armor and accessories, and a lot more to check out and enhance your journey in the world.

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