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AION Classic EU Update 2.0: Storm in Balaurea To Lift Level Cap, and Introduce the Balaur

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 Aion Classic EU is growing, with Update 2.0: Storm in Balaurea. The update, due later this summer, will raise the level cap, add new gear, new skills, PVE and PVP instances, and much more. 

Gameforge is expanding this version of Aion Classic with some content and improvements that arrive earlier than in other regions. In raising the level cap to 55, this will let both the Asmodians and Elyos progress, explore into the new zones in Balaurea, and also meet (and take on)  the Balaur. This update will introduce that dragon-like third major race that takes part in the overall war. Both current factions will find themselves challenged by the Balaur, and going forward, they’ll play a major role.

Storm in Balaurea will also open up several PvE and PvP instances for level 51+. On the PvP side, you can challenge:

  • Chantra Dredgion 
  • Tiarkh Testing Lab 
  • Empyrean Crucible

For PvE, there are five instances for groups of 2-6, and one solo instance,Taloc’s Hollow. The group instances are:

  • Beshmundir Temple 
  • Udas Temple 
  • Lower Udas Temple 
  • Esoterrace 
  • Upper Abyss Instances

Supporting all the new additions and the increased level cap, Gameforge will also add new equipment, additional resources and skills for crafting and gathering. There is more coming in the update to let everyone take advantage of all the room to progress their characters as well as continue adventuring in the new locations to discover.

Gameforge is also updating the roadmap for the rest of the year in light of the  big announcement.

In the fall, we can expect update 2.4, which will also add even more PVE and PVP instances to take on. In the winter, we can expect update 2.5, with some instances well known to fans, in addition to new ones. 

Gameforge is moving forward with shaping this version of Aion Classic, and Committed to releasing content and quality of life updates, to improve the overall experience as the game continues getting updates that fans both know and new content.

For more, head over to Aion Classic EU.


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