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Aion: Awakened Legacy to Feature New High-Level Zone Called Lakrum

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When Aion: Awakened Legacy launches later this month, it will do so with a new high-level zone called Lakrum. The area is tailored for players beginning at level 75. The journey through Lakrum will take players from level 75 to 80 as they explore and quest. "Lakrum is dense with both friend and foe alike -- all fighting to gain power".

Lakrum is an ancient land, created by Aion centuries ago and protected by the Jotun. At the center of this ancient, forest-covered area, Aion built a grand temple to house a divine relic imbued with Aion’s divine magic. Ereshkigal has caught wind of the relic’s powers.

There are also new instances in Lakrum:

  • Primeth's Forge for 6 level 80 players with new gear and enchantment stones 
  • Qubrinerk's Cubic workshop, a solo instance that players can attempt every day in order to earn Cubicle

In addition, a number of instances have been updated with more difficulty levels and new gear and items that can be collected.

Check out the full post on the Aion North America site.


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